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Welcome to Love Miriam Levin Packaging Products Factory only official website! This privacy statement is when we visit this site for you, for your commitment to privacy. With the changes in the scope of our services, our privacy statement will be modified from time to time. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send an e-mail. The following is a case of our website (www.alovey.com) the collection and use of your information.

User name and password

Some services only members are entitled. When you sign up for membership, you should fill out a user name and password, and the need to provide a valid e-mail so that after you lose your password we can inform your password. Account only through a password to use, if a password is compromised, your personal information may be diffused, and there may be legal action against you. If you are affected by the security password, please contact us immediately.

Registration Information

When registered as a member, you need to fill out a registration form. Be sure to fill in your real name, address, telephone number and email address. We will use these statistics to give our members the classification, such as company name, industry and jobs in order to provide you with targeted new services and opportunities. We will notify you of these new services and opportunities through your e-mail address.


We track the IP address for identity and authenticity of the transaction, consistent with national security considerations and other requirements. If we did not find any security issues, we will delete IP addresses we collect to sixty days. We also track the day's pages to access the data. Page views a day flow of data is used to reflect the site so that we can plan for future development (for example, increase the server).

Cookie Usage

Use cookie to make our site more friendly to you. It can help you save the state for the use of our services and re-enter the registration information and keep track of your browser. Storage and exchange of user information and data is collected and stored in our servers placed on the information.

External links

This website contains links to other sites. Love Miriam Levin Packaging Products Factory official website assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices of those sites. We may at any time require increased business partners or co-branded site, but will only be available to them comprehensive information, we will not disclose your identity.


Our site has appropriate security measures to ensure that the information in our possession is not lost, will not be abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and user password encryption. Even though we have these security measures, but please note there is no "perfect security measures" on the Internet. Contact us if you hung exhibition this privacy statement or the privacy practices of handicraft factory official website and your question in the use of any comments and suggestions, please contact us.

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